Couture wedding dresses made of paper

Unique wedding dresses by request

Fashion designer Annette Meyer combines historical silhouettes with delicate paper materials to create one of a kind couture wedding dresses.

The exclusive concept includes a personalized design process, fittings with Annette Meyer and a bachelorette party activity like no other, the so-called ’Crumble Party’. After the wedding, the dress is framed as an art object for the bride and groom to keep as a memory of their special day.

The dress is custom-made to reflect the bride’s personality for a truly poetic result. Even though many women share the dream of a wedding as a romantic climax, each woman is also an individual with her own history and cultural background.

Please contact Annette Meyer for a personal consultation.

Historical silhouettes

The bride will choose her preferred style from a range of iconical silhouettes from different historical periods. Annette Meyer has chosen and refined one style for every decade, starting with the gorgeous dresses worn in Europe around 1800. You have found your love, now you must find your time.

Custom made pattern

The bride may choose Annette Meyer’s signature print pattern, which combines some of the wonderful flower images from ’Flora Danica’. ’Flora Danica’ is the Danish Botanical Encyclopedia of wild plants native to Denmark, created between 1761 and 1883.

Alternatively, the print pattern can be custom made. The bride may choose specific materials or significant patterns from around the world for her personal dress.

The fitting process

Creating a wedding dress takes time, craftsmanship and trust. The couture garment is tailored specifically for measurements and body stance. Annette Meyer is personally responsible for every step of the process, and being in the lively, warm company of Annette is part of the experience. Annette is uncompromising in terms of aesthetics, and the bride is sure to look her most beautiful on her special day.

The fitting process takes place in Annette Meyers studio in Frederiksberg, Copenhagen. On request, Annette Meyer will bring her services to international clients.

Made by hand

The wedding gown is constructed by hand from start to finish. The quality paper material is lined with a pretty woven material. A soft texture is achieved by crumpling and ironing the paper material repeatedly. This makes the dress comfortable to wear and durable. The dress is sewn with extreme attention to detail and finished by the most experienced and capable seamstresses.

’The Crumble Party’

As part of the concept, the friends of the bride can be invited to an event to help prepare the dress. The ’Crumble Party’ is a beautiful, almost ritualistic experience of togetherness. At the “Crumble Party” the women sit in a circle, each of them ’cuddling’ the paper between their hands to make it soft and strong enough for the bride to wear on her special day.

A framed work of art

The concept includes the glassed framing of the wedding dress. A wedding dress created by Annette Meyer plays with the idea of the romantic dream, traditional and modern femininity and the consumerism of the modern wedding party, and yet the romantic vision is intact. The paper symbolises the disposable nature of a wedding dress so carefully created – to be worn for only one day. This makes the framed wedding dress an interesting piece of art – besides being a beautiful memory.

Photos by Shiro Takatani

Ansgar Kirke, North Jutland

In a historical church in Nykøbing Mors, far away from the capital of Denmark, a beautiful bride says I do. She is wearing a couture paper dress created by Annette Meyer. The dress has a gorgeous flower print based on the original ’Flora Danica’ Encyclopedia. The bride’s chosen style is a silhouette from around 1900 with generous layers. The flower print on the paper looks just magical – and quite unlike print on traditional, woven fabrics.


Holmens Kirke, Copenhagen

In the beautiful church, Holmens Kirke, in central Copenhagen, a bride walks down the aisle dressed in a couture wedding dress by Annette Meyer. The style chosen is an 1880s silhouette. The unique dress is sewn from the original paper packaging design of a particular brand of danish flour. The commercial flour print in this context is pure poetry with golden wheat ears on a baby blue background. The ’crumbled’ paper material looks delicate, almost fragile, and the dress looks stunning on this beautiful, strong woman.