Annette Meyer Studio is known for ambitious and aesthetically remarkable design solutions.

The studio has years of experience in designing functional workspaces for customers, where the presentation is used to raise the business above industry standards.

Annette Meyer Studio works conceptually. To create spaces full of identity, the starting point is the products, the people, the messages and the values. Annette Meyer’s international background in fashion and art influences the way she addresses functional demands by using form and materials in innovative ways. It results in spaces and custom made furniture, which are interesting experiences in themselves.

Annette Meyer Studio has a great knowledge of materials and attention to craftsmanship. The studio’s partner network consists of the best in the industry. For each assignment, the right photographers, lighting designers, carpenters, furniture designers, furniture upholsterers and construction companies are selected.

The studio works on both permanent and temporary solutions – and has experience with resource-saving design concepts that can be reused in different settings.

The studio handles projects from start to finish:

Design Concepts
Design Presentation; spatial, graphic, photographic, sound and light (Illustrator, 3D Rhino, material samples etc.)
Detailed design plans, choice of partners
Budget, obtaining prices from subcontractors
Project management
Partner coordination and construction
Ongoing quality control of prototypes
Quality control of setup

Annette Meyer also works as an artist, primarily with couture made from untraditional materials. Her work has been on show at renowned international museums and galleries.
For more information please go to annettemeyer.com