Did you hear that dress? Paper isn’t fabric: it’s noisy. It’s fragile and cracks like china. This rather stiff paper enhances the mutual connections between the forms and their sequences. Every crack and gap is unfolded.


Two historical dresses in paper were created for Royal Copenhagen to exhibit at Royal Copenhagen’s Flagship Store at Amagertorv in Copenhagen during Culture Night 2004.

At the same time Flora Danica Dresses was the starting point for the creation of ICON DRESSED Fashion/Art Installation. The shapes of the dresses originates from 1860 and 1880 while the floral designs printed on the industrial paper are copied from ’Flora Danica’, a classic botanical work that also serves as reference for Royal Copenhagen’s exclusive Danish China.

The special soft texture of the paper dresses is achieved by crumpling and ironing it repeatedly. The result is very comfortable to the touch and to the ear. The visual impression is fragile and delicate like china.


The flagship store of Royal Copenhagen, Denmark


Crafts in Dialogue /IASPIS invited Annette Meyer to exhibit at Malmö Konstmuseum. The opening day of the exhibition was, by coincidence, set on the 200 years anniversary of the famous Danish fairy tale writer H C Andersen.

To celebrate his birthday Annette Meyer shows one dress from the Flora Danica Dresses project. The dress is made in paper and is a genuine copy of a 1860 dress, referring to the same period where H.C Andersen himself created small dresses in chocolate paper.

The dress was displayed on a mannequin doll, standing in the middle of an almost squared, pink space. The central flooring was covered with thousands of pink postcards depicting the mannequin doll dressed in the Flora Danica Dress.

The space was filled with ambient Chinese temple garden music.

Malmö Konstmuseum, Malmö, Sweden